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Is 4G More Expensive Than 3G?

One of the most important questions to ask when you’re looking to buy a new smartphone is whether access to the fastest data networks (4G) is any more expensive than existing networks (3G). The simple answer is: most likely not. This is a recent development, however.

When it was first introduced, 4G service was measurably more expensive than 3G service. It was a new technology, after all, and that’s always going to carry a premium.

In recent months, though, wireless customers have begun to see approximate Continue reading

What’s the Difference in Upload and Download Speeds Between 3G and 4G?

For many years, mobile technology manufacturers and service providers were using the phrases 3G and 4G without truly describing the difference between speeds. These labels meant nothing more than the 3rd and 4th generation of wireless data transfer, but things have changed with new rules that have been put in place by a number of committees.

Committees from around the world have now chosen thresholds of upload and download speeds for both 3G and 4G networks. What Continue reading

How Many Countries are Using 4G Networks?

If you have a smartphone or other similar device that accesses the Internet, you might feel as if 4G is a regular part of technology in today’s world. Although 4G Internet access has become incredibly popular in the United States and in plenty of other places, it isn’t a worldwide thing like you might think.

Although you might think that 4G technology started in the United States, the United States actually did not get 4G service Continue reading

Why is 4G Quicker than 3G?

Fourth generation cellular networks are faster than third generation networks, but why is that the case? In simple terms, the technology behind these two types of networks are slightly different. Their signals are delivered in different ways and on different frequencies too. A simple explanation for the difference in speeds is the fact the 4G is much newer than 3G, but that answer doesn’t satisfy the average person.

Most 4G networks run over Internet protocol communications rather Continue reading

When was The First 4G Network Made Available For Consumers?

If you have a smartphone, you probably enjoy using 4G technology as a means of using the Internet at lightning speed from wherever you are. If you don’t have 4G and are working with 3G technology, you probably wish that you had 4G available for you. However, it is important to realize that 4G has only become available relatively recently. In the past, people had to suffer from slow Internet connections, especially in the time before 3G technology was made available.Didn’t catch that?